Thursday, March 22, 2018

Who We Are
This communication has a deepest land mark as you being the incarnation of Charitable and a silent reader of human feeling those who are needy. Your hands of nobility have fullest ability to help those needy and non greedy, as and when they need the assistance. The auspicious ray when reaches up to thresh – hold – the darkness is totally eliminated ,in the same manner.

Mother Universe Educational Trust is non Profit Organization established in 2009. Our main Motto is “Service to humanity is service to God.”

The Organization started working for the good cause of the people, especially the poor who suffer due to uneducated and old age problem and manages Schools, Colleges and all Educational Branches.

Mother Universe Educational Trust Team promote educational, cultural and social development to daily wages poor working people to come and learn at our institute and also offered many affordable courses like Tailoring, beautician, Computer, English Speaking, etc… This is the reason, the common people who cannot even earn for two times meal comfortably, do not afford to give any bribe and ultimately give up the efforts to get help and console themselves, that it’s their Destiny that they have to suffer.

These people however will not have suffered anymore because this trust is the way available for the people of all walks of life.


To progress in life a man should have self confidence. To be standard in life he has to be hard working, sincere and honest.

PEACE: Peace is the feeling of complete contentedness. It can be achieved when the brain and heart work alike. When heart obeys the brain, which means desire obeys the reasoning power one can attain complete peace.

Mother Universe Educational trust is the way to promote educational, cultural and social development of the poor and weaker section It is a result, the common people who cannot even earn for two times meals comfortably, do not afford to give any bribe and ultimately give up the efforts to get help and console themselves that it’s their destiny that they have to suffer.

School & College for Children’s:

• To promote Educational, Cultural and Social Development of the poor and weaker section of the society.

• To establish, conduct and manage Schools, Colleges, Professional and Technical Institution imparting Primary, Pre-primary, Secondary, Higher Secondary, Graduate and Post Graduate Education in all branches.

• To Run the Education and Physical College such as D.Ed. B.Ed., B.P.Ed, and M.D. Management course etc. To establish and run D. Pharmacy, B. Pharmacy, Dental & Medical College

• To Establish, Conduct and Manage, various facilities for vocational guidance center and Information centre.

• To establish and manage fund for Scholarships to weaker and needy students. Prizes/awards to meritorious students to ensure establishment of higher sense of competitiveness amongst the students.

Women Empowerment & Employment:

• To Maintain, Manage, Conduct, Ashram by providing shelter to the needy and deserving girls, women and widows and educate them about Small Scale Industry, Cottage Industry with a view to earn their livelihood To conduct meetings, conferences, studies, surveys, etc., in connection with education in general.

• To award scholarships, stipends awards, medical aid and other concessions to pupils and deserving men and women who study in School conducted by Society and also to provide Books to deserved Students and Scholars.

Helps to All the Masses:

• To encourage Men, Women and Children to be financially self sustainable by teaching them income generation skills. To hold eye camp, blood donation camp, and medical camp to provide medicines, ambulance facility and other medical help to the poor, needy and Senior Citizen.

• To provide residential accommodation to educate, trained and assist financially or otherwise to students, teachers, staff, social workers, workers and otherwise who are engaged in any works or organization connected with the trust, as may be found necessary or useful to propagate and undertake services in furtherance of the aims and subjects of this said “Trust” Under the banner of “Mother Universe Educational Trust” will celebrate 15th August, 26th January, 2nd October and traditional Occasion.

• To educate the community Social Responsibilities and impart the knowledge of various Social Services available so as to enable them to make use of the same.

Provide Shelters to Old Age People:

• To establish, conduct and manage welfare centers for the development of old age person viz. Senior citizen and orphanage.

• To start a Home for old ages person i.e. senior citizen, orphanage, physically and/or mentally handicapped children.

Provide Medical facilities to needy and poor:

• To establish and maintain hospitals, clinics, medical centers, dispensaries etc.

• To promote the health of suffering & needy persons by providing medical, surgical and other medical assistance including supply of medicines and other medical, surgical or remedial appliances.

• To establish Medical Colleges (Homeopathy, Ayurvedic, Allopathic, Dental and all Branches of medical specialization and recognized system of Medicine).

• To establish Para-Medical Department or faculty for courses of Physiotherapy, Chiropractic, Medical laboratory Technology, Occupational Therapy, Prosthetics and Orthotics, Speech Therapist, Operation Theatre Technique, X-Ray Technician, Optician, E.C.G. Technician and others for education and training and award certificate for diploma thereof.

President Secretary Treasurer
Shri. Sanil Sathyanathan Mrs. Sujatha Ram Shri. K. K.Sathyanthan
Our Trustee Advisory Board Volunteers Team
Smt. Girija S. Shri. K.K.Ramkrishanan  Pankaj N.Kajale
Shri.Savith Kumar Shri. Keerti Naik Vaishali M. Jagatia
Shri. Sukumar Seal Smita lotankar
Shri. Chandrakant Wadkar  Dhiraj
Shri. Deepika Saini

“Organizing a seminar on Awareness of Human Rights”

With the helping aid of the “The United Nation” & “All India Human Rights Protection”

This Seminar will help each and every citizen to have the knowledge of individuals Rights. For which, seminar will conducted all over Mumbai in 12 locations. (Central/ Harbor /Western). Here to, accordance with the Universal Declarations of Human Rights, We pledges to:

• Protecting Human Rights without any prejudice.
• Preventing abuses through Technical. Human Rights Activists in the field.
• Human Rights Education.
• Support and Guidance.
• Promote Human Rights For All.

Theme of the Event

• Discuss what about Human Rights?
• How the Human Rights act came into play?
• Importance of knowing your rights?
• How can we change the society & move to a better Future by improving the quality of life of those under privileged.
• How can we take the help from police, Law and other nationalize institution and ask them to play a pro-active role.

The working

• A set of recommendation elaborate collectively to be sent to the relevant institutions. The seminar will raise questions in order to spur information, reflections, discussion, & formulate recommendations relevant to India government & the people. The formulate for this seminar employed is as follows:

• The participation of the representatives from the universities, Government offices, NGOs invited by the organizers, judicial & administration, student and member of civil societies.